Shandong Binzhou Port Youfa Aquaculture Co.,ltd

Shandong Binzhou Port Youfa Aquaculture Co.,ltd
Shandong Binzhou Port Youfa Aquaculture Co. , Ltd is located on the northern tip of Shandong Province in Wudi County, Binzhou city, on the shore of Bohai Bay opposite Hebei Province. The primary home of Artemia Cysts of China is Wudi County, which is also the distributing center for its raw material and products. In its Wudi County location, it is easy and convenient to travel to "Youfa" Aquaculture Co. , ltd from the cities of Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai and Dalian.
At"Youfa"Aquaculture Co. , ltd, we have highly proficient management. We also have a strong research capacity due to our alliance with experts and professors. We combine research, production and trade and take on many state and provincial research projects. We have attained much useful research results and have gained one state patent right. "Youfa" Aquaculture Co. , ltd has been designated Shandong Provincial High- and New-tech Enterprise. Our Bohai Bay Artemia Cysts have been designated "state important new product" by 5 state departments. We were awarded the "Ocean Innovation Second Grade Prize" in 2002, and "First Prize of the City's Agricultural High-technology".
"Youfa" Aquaculture Co. , ltd controls 70,000 mu of Artemia Cysts farm base. Our company uses advanced farming methods and the best seeds of Bohai Bay Artemia Cysts. We have the most-advanced machinery and technologies in the world for producing Artemia Cysts. We use the Artemia Cysts raw material farmed here at our Wudi County location to manufacture finished products with the of "YOUFA" and "GANGDI" brand names. These products are sold in the domestic and international aquatic products markets with our excellent customer service continuing even after the sale has been made.
"Youfa" Aquaculture Co. , ltd does not want to be the biggest such enterprise. But we do want to be the BEST one! We Strictly adhere to the spirit of "Diligence, Integrity, Trust worthiness, Unity, Initiative and pioneering" and to our management's goal of "high (Cquality products and service that meets our customers'demands. " To our domestic and overseas customers, "Youfa" has become a real partner in the aquatic product markets. The management and employees of "Youfa" are seeking to make friends all over the world. Let us work together hand in hand to make our lives beautiful!
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